J is for “The Journey”

15 thoughts on “J is for “The Journey””

  1. “but what about the others?” That line made my jaw drop and stare at my screen! What on earth did he do in that one year…sheesh, a whole room of followers…this is very interesting. I have a question though: Did you repeat the paragraph with “It took a few phone calls, a couple of meltdowns…” on purpose?


    1. Oh I am so glad you liked it! And thank you for catching that paragraph. I did not intend to repeat it, my browser has been doing a weird thing where if I try to break up a paragraph, it just duplicates it instead. I fixed it now lol

      Thanks again! :)


  2. Awesome. Rich in symbolism, too – which I don’t usually catch. Love the ending. We just started watching a new TV show on Hulu called “The Path” that this made me think of. Only this is better, because he doesn’t know how he got the followers!


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