K is for “The Killer”

11 thoughts on “K is for “The Killer””

  1. I saw the connection to The Hunter, too. I must be jaded from shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad, because the subject didn’t bother me like it probably should. Just shows me, again, how much I would enjoy your novel when you inevitably write one!


    1. I feel the same way, it didn’t bother me much to write it. I even considered being more graphic but thought it didn’t add much to the story so I scaled it back. Glad you liked it :)


  2. Omg this is my favorite so far, I want to read the rest of this so bad. I was hooked with part one, now I’m just upset that I can’t go out and buy this, hope there is a park 3.


    1. I am really surprised people liked this one. I didn’t when I first posted it lol I may try to make a part three for another letter but I’m not sure I can keep it going :/

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