Let yourself be wrong.

Good morning and happy Monday dear readers. Welcome to the start of the work week and yet another chance to learn, create, and grow. Monday’s have a reputation for being notoriously difficult but I let’s try to change that. Let’s think of Mondays as reset buttons. A day to try again to get it right. I think we all need that.

My morning went better than I expected but not as well as I’d hoped. I worked hard to get a few things ready last night but still ended up running late. That’s the story of my life, though, always running late even when I try very hard not to be running late. I do acknowledge that I have made a lot of progress since the last time my boss had to talk to me about it. I haven’t been late since I just occasionally cut it a little too close.

“But I could be wrong.”

// Carl Sagan

This week I am going to do my best to work on my nasty habit of behaving like a know-it-all. I have a bit of an ego when it comes to the way I perceive my level of intelligence compared to those around me and I have a hard time accepting that I could be wrong. I have a tendency to always behave as if I m the smartest person in the room without ever considering that I might not be.

I am admitting all of this because I honestly do not mean to act this way. For a good portion of my life people have been telling me I was the smartest person in the room, add to that my hatred of information and belief that ignorance must be stamped out wherever it rears its ugly head means I tend to interject where I am not wanted, and I tend to say things in a particularly condescending tone.

“There is a way of being wrong which is also sometimes necessarily right.”

// Edward Abbey

I am learning to offer my opinions only when asked for, or if I really believe a person’s life will be improved greatly by hearing it. People don’t like it when you point out how wrong they are about something, especially when they weren’t talking to you or if it is only a minor thing. Conversations get derailed and the point it often lost over semantics and details. I can be frustrating. I know this because whenever it happens to me, I have a small internal meltdown to rival any two-year-old’s tantrum.

Often I may have mispronounced something or I am trying to make a point and when someone steps in to correct me I have to start all over, plus it is just plain embarrassing. I don’t feel better that someone told me those things I just feel angry and I want to stop talking altogether. I don’t want to be always making my friends and loved ones feel that way too.

I have to remember that I do not, in fact, know everything, and there are, in fact, people smarter than me. I also have to remember to be humble when I am wrong and not get angry but to just learn and grow.

It isn’t a bad thing to be wrong sometimes, it’s part of life and it’s part of gaining wisdom, which is greater than knowing facts and figures. Wisdom is what gets you through life.

Wisdom is what we get from each other.

“To make mistakes or be wrong is human. To admit those mistakes shows you have the ability to learn, and are growing wiser.”

// Donald L. Hicks, Look into the stillness


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