If We Were Having Coffee // Goodbye April, You Were Kind of a Downer

8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Goodbye April, You Were Kind of a Downer”

  1. If we were having coffee, I would say cheers…it’s been that kind of April for me too. Sleep has been elusive and that contributed a lot to the tiredness I felt all month. I would also say I love multiple little tokens that make up one gift for ‘showers’. You’re sounded like a nice little package of love.

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    1. Cheers! Seems a lot of people have lost sleep in April, I hope we all find some rest in May :/

      Oh, and my brother and his girlfriend did seem to really like our gifts :)

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  2. Your sleep problems sound like what I’ve been going through most of the year. I gave up caffeine for almost 2 months but it didn’t help, so I’m back on coffee. Not sure why.

    Oh BTW, I’ve seen you mention Slaughter House Five a few times. I agree, it’s a great book. So yes, a great T-shirt :)


    1. I am cutting back on caffeine but I have found I am more miserable without it than I am with it so I won’t abandon it completely. I try to only have it the mornings though.

      The Slaughterhouse-Five shirt is my new favorite :)

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  3. As you ge older sleep problems occurred. One theory is the lack melatonin. It help me until my allergies became a problem. Congratulations on finishing A-Z. Nice to add a. Ew family member good luck with finding a gift. How about dippers you can’t have too many.


  4. Hello and nice to meet you. I am very happy that I am not alone in liking “In a mood for love”. I find the movie and the music invigorating. Interesting though, the director’s initial idea had been different and the movie recieved its real ” face” slowly during the shots. There is a second movie, called “2046” (like the number of the hotel room in the first movie). I find the second one to be more abstract. Have a great rest of the week!


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