You Have Everything You Need

Hello and happy Monday to you all! I hope the work week finds you in good spirits and you were able to start on the right foot. If not remember the Mondays aren’t the worst, it is only that our attitude about them needs tweaking. Monday’s are for new chances and new opportunities. Mondays are a new chance to get it right.

So far my Monday has been a little chaotic. I woke up late and had barely any time for getting ready and no time for a good breakfast. It’s not all bad, though. I slept better than I have been lately and I feel slightly less stressed out. I’m hopeful and motivated today and that means everything right now. I’m doing what I can to hold on to it and I hope to spread a little of it around.

“You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your life.”

// Carlos Castaneda

This week I am taking stock of what I already have.

When I think about where things are going in my life and with my writing and creativity I often feel like I am missing something. A key piece of equipment. A new desk, a new set of pens, a more expensive notebook, new sketchbook, something the pros must have that I don’t. The thing is that is just my brain’s way of tricking me into thinking I am making progress when I am doing no such thing.

I have a lot of art supplies sitting around that I had grand plans for but are now collecting dust. I look at them sometimes and feel bad. I wasted time and money and nothing came of it. I’ve had cut myself off for a long time from buying anything more than basic pencils, pens, or notebooks. I have to buy cheap and only when necessary. I have done a good job, but still, I have all those supplies I bought before still collecting dust.

So I have decided that this summer, I am going to finally use ALL the art supplies I have sitting around. Even if I just make a whole lot of crap, I have to make something and it has to be from supplies I already own. I have plenty, some even opened. I have markers and pens and paper and pastels and even some watercolor pencils. I am going to mix and match and use it all to make some spectacularly terrible artwork.

What I hope to learn is that much can be made from parts and supplies we already have laying around. I hope to apply this lesson to other parts of my life as well. So many people buy new things they hardly even use in the hopes that it will make them feel better, like they have improved themselves in some way. It’s the same mind trick, though.

If you take a look around you might see that you have everything you need to do anything you want. You might have everything you need to be happy. It’s only that you’ve been letting it sit and collect dust while you chase more things that only fill you temporarily.

Look around you and use what you have, you may be surprised at what comes out of it :)

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

// Marcus Tullius Cicero


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11 Replies to “You Have Everything You Need”

    1. I have a room like that too. My girlfriend calls it the Creativity Room. I’m rarely in there anymore and its become little more than a storage place for all the things I should be doing lol

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  1. I find myself trying to find things to get rid. There is always a Goodwill box in progress at my house.
    You inspire me to get back to baking.


    1. Lol I have that problem too! The basement is filled with boxes and bags that need to go.

      You bake? I’m not very good in the kitchen but I have been thinking of learning to bake. Mostly because I want to eat macaroons and pies more often :)

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