Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Peter Carey

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Peter Carey”

  1. Interesting stuff on Peter Carey. I agree with the complex of pulling scraps and ideas off the floor of your life and fusing the elements into a bigger composite. As I imagine all good writers will join in my protest, it takes a building knowledge of ideas and tools to develop as a writer. I myself am very influenced by beat writers, such as: Kerouac, Solomon, Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Mailer. I know I wouldn’t be half the the writer I am now without having imbibed the prose of their brilliant manuscripts; it’s a lifelong conquest…

    Therefore, the complex expands when young writers–like myself–take into account the deficiency of knowledge that stems from a lack of reading. I feel like innumerable bloggers forget to read the great writers and just feel they can simply pick, or, rather, ravenously pull a glut of scraps up off the floor of their souls and create something novel; in addition, these tyros need to read in order to become fluent, sophisticated writers.

    I’m glad to see read appreciation for great writers like Carey, and, finally, look forward to seeing both of our wiring styles develop in the future. Keep up the good work!



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