Let People Know Where You Are, Emotionally

Hello and happy Monday dear readers! Welcome to the beginning of another work week. For most people, including me, Mondays are rough. It’s not easy to get back on track after a couple of days lounging in the sun and staying up late. Yeah, we’ll miss the weekend, but let’s not write off Monday just yet. Let’s try to see it differently.

You might feel sad and disappointed, but that’s no way to live. Instead, let’s try something new. Let’s think of Mondays, not as the first of five miserable days but the first of five days we get to make all the changes we want to see in ourselves and the world around us. Mondays are a new chance to get it right.

My Monday is off to a rocky start, as my Mondays usually are. I’m not too mad about it, though. I’m on an easy schedule this week just before I go on an even easier schedule next week.

This past weekend I was happy to see the hashtag #MyDepressionLooksLike trending on Twitter. Social media isn’t always for sharing pictures of your lunch and trolling. Sometimes you can find a community who understands what you are feeling or can offer advice to get you through your tough times.

I have struggled with depression on and off my whole life. I sometimes think it never really goes away, there are just times when I feel better and times when I don’t. No matter how I am feeling the demands of life never change. I am still expected to get to work, take care of my responsibilities, and conduct myself in a professional and friendly manner. I have always felt like I couldn’t let people know I was struggling because then they would know I was weak.

What if we did tell people how we were feeling? What if we let our coworkers, friends, and family know when we weren’t doing so good? You don’t have to give them your whole life story, just let them know that this week you aren’t in a good place. Let people know when your anxiety was a little worse. Let them know that you’re getting used to new medication. Let them know that the stress is getting to you and you may need a little space.

They may be able to take a little of the load off of you. They may be able to help. If nothing else you could at least stop pretending, even if you couldn’t get a break from life’s demands.

I’ve done this with my coworkers and they’ve offered to help out, let me go home, or to just keep the volume down in the office for me. Of course, I never take them up on any of it, but they do understand why some days I just need put my headphones in and enjoy some personal time while I work.

Never once have they made me feel like I am any less a part of the team. Never once have they made me feel weak or whiny. I think if I hadn’t told them what was going on they might think I was lazy or mean, or both. Or maybe not, that might just be my depression overthinking everything.

Either way, it’s nice to know that the people around me understand that I will have bad days where I can’t make decisions or complete tasks as well as I normally do. They know I may not be as social and I may be easily frustrated or irritated. They know the problem isn’t them and they know it isn’t personal.

They know the Lisa who gets shit done and makes the workplace fun to be will be back.

She just needed a little break.

P.S. Hey guys I’m still looking for a few people to check out my Spring Writing Contest entry, It’s Never Too Late, on the Writing Cooperative. Please read it, hit like if you feel I’ve earned it, and leave a note letting me know what you think. Thanks a bunch!

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9 Replies to “Let People Know Where You Are, Emotionally”

  1. It sounds like talking about your depression and sharing with your coworkers has been helpful! Having support of friends and family is important when you’re struggling with depression. Just know that “this too shall pass”. Many blessings dear one.


  2. I often Have to remind myself of this very thing. Often were worried that if we open up we will be judged, but the people in our lives will likely understand, even if we don’t think they will.


    1. I agree 100%. Many people say that only bad things come from blogs social media but the act of us sharing so much of ourselves helps others know they are not alone.

      Thank you for reading :)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Perfectly apt for me personally right now. Been having a pretty horrid time and slowly began opening up to friends and family. Sadly my employers have been less than understanding but luckily, they are the minority I think!


    1. I get that. I can’t tell everyone I work with how I’m doing. I have one boss that thinks people who are depressed or feeling down are being whiny and making excuses. Luckily I don’t have to deal with him much. Good luck to you :)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! If you let it out you can focus on getting better rather than hiding. You don’t have to tell your boss everything, but tell them a little. It’ll make it easier for you.

      Thanks for reading :)

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