10 Thoughts on Being Six Months Smoke-free

20 thoughts on “10 Thoughts on Being Six Months Smoke-free”

      1. I know what you mean. One of my friends quit smoking recently. He told me he doesn’t know what to do with this hands now when he is sitting on his back porch relaxing! You deserve a lot of credit. I’ve read from medical studies that quitting smoking can be just as tough as quitting heroin and other hard drugs. I’m proud of you!


        1. Thank you! I used to go out on my back porch after work in the summertime to relax with a beer and a smoke or two. I can’t go out on my porch anymore :( Not until I make a little more progress anyway.

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  1. Congratulations! You should get a coin, or a level up or something. I know a few people who’ve quit, all using different means to get through. This is the first candid discussion I’ve seen about the effects. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve tried a few different ways, the gum, the patch, meds, this time was the cold turkey method. I think it’s the best way.


  2. I can so relate! I’m about to hit 8 months which is exciting. I have quit many times and my best so far was 2 years!! I was so mad for ever going back. I know it’s frustrating to see other people who smoke but as an ex smoker we know that feeling! You don’t want people nagging you and honestly, when you make the decision to quit you just do it. I remember times when I hated smoking and the control I let it have. And as an ex smoker I swear we are more disgusted by the smell!! So proud of you and your accomplishment! Keep going! It feels great doesn’t it?? You are free and took back your powers!!


    1. Wow, 2 years, that is really awesome! And congrats on the 8 month mark this time around too! I try to remember how much I hated the nagging but I can’t help but to drop a hint or two to my friends who still smoke. I hope they don’t mind too much lol. I just want them to feel as good as I do :)

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    1. Thank you! Quitting any bad habit is hard (some are a little harder than others is all) the trick is to just keep trying. Good luck to you!


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