Writers Quote Wednesday // Joseph Heller

10 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday // Joseph Heller”

  1. I spent several hours in a car with a guy who had read an article about writers. He expounded on his new-found knowledge and advised me that my chances of writing a best seller were worse than the chances of being struck by lightning. I asked if he’d written a book. No, but he’d written reports.

    Some days it’s really, really….really hard not to laugh out loud, point…laugh out loud until you can’t breath or speak…point…

    I’ve been on the receiving end of, “You should write like (insert name of famous author here).” Sure, I could learn to parrot a writing style. I could also learn to ride a Harley and walk into a biker bar wearing boots, chains and an attitude. That wouldn’t make me a biker, but it might make me dead. :-)

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  2. Lisa, I have had many of the same thoughts and feelings. You are a good writer already. You know that deep down. I have had the pleasure of watching your writing evolve over the last couple of years. You will come into your own when you are ready. There is tons of information on learning to write. You can teach yourself, or not… It is your calling, I believe. <3


    1. Thank you Colleen :) I am definitely going to go the self-taught route but I will admit it is very hard to learn in an organized way. You don’t know what you don’t know so you end up cobbling together writing lessons from about a million different sources hoping to fill in the gaps of your knowledge. It’s a tough road, but such a rewarding one :)

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