From Notebooks to Novels

5 thoughts on “From Notebooks to Novels”

  1. Writers write and the poets dream. Somewhere I fall between. (My thoughts on my own writing.) ~ Keep saying it. Great read. Stay beautiful!


  2. Sorry to hear you weren’t as happy as a youngster but all seems a lot brighter now. 14 is young to give up- 17 is also young to realise you had to change your perspective. I have sooo many notebooks everywhere, some are 4 pages in- some are only 10 full pages in the middle but I’ve always been obsessed. The issue was the starting and stopping. Resolving that now


    1. Thank you for the kind words. Some of us just had to grow up earlier than others, things are better now, though.

      I’ve started and stopped many notebooks but the last two I made real effort to write in from beginning to end and as close to everyday as I could. I skipped a day here and there, and sometimes weeks at a time too, but I keep coming back to it. That’s the trick. Good luck to you :)

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