The Novel is Dead, Long Live the Novel

14 thoughts on “The Novel is Dead, Long Live the Novel”

  1. 100% agree with your sentiments. I will never abandon physical books. Book stores and libraries are my favourite places to go to if I’ve got a bit of time to kill and nowhere to go.
    Really liked the little quotes you put throughout the post as well, especially that Stephen Fry one!


    1. I liked that quote best too! I think it really explained the situation well. Of course there is a market for eBooks, same as there is for elevators and escalators, but we will always need stairs and we will always need books. It is a comforting thought :)

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  2. My habit of going to the bookshop often, started when I was in primary school. We used to get discount coupons as prizes for various activities. And we used to buy a huge bundle of books. After I changed the school, the habit of going to the bookshop stayed intact, in fact it has turned into a ritual now.


    1. Mine started when I was young too. I volunteered to work in the school library when I was young, maybe 7th or 8th grade. It’s funny I didn’t remember that until just now. I loved being among all those books. When I grew up I never quite got out of hanging out in those libraries. I wasn’t very good at returning books, though. I think that’s why I started hanging out in bookstores. I wanted to keep them forever I suppose lol

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      1. Love for books never ends I guess. I love having a bundle of books I haven’t read, at all times. I just don’t know why.


  3. This is Exactly. My feeling. I bought a nook (B&N’s e-reader) when I realized my bookshelves had no more room, and I had no room for more bookshelves, but I hardly ever use it. It’s good for having something to read when I’m caught off guard in a long line, or have a solo lunch break.

    My thing with actual books, is sometimes I have to flip back a few pages if I’ve put the book down a while. I’m visual, so I’ll recognize a part and restart from there. You can flip to a page you recognize as easily electronically.


  4. Lovely blog. So agree…. thanks. I like to revisit a novel, read again, mark bits I enjoy. I use kindle to review books as I have to read them fast..and that’s the point…you read differently on a just don’t seem to linger…it’s harder to get into the story. May there always be books…so that we can read them, and I can go on writing them!


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