The Week’s End // Remembering Orlando

In the interest of raising awareness and highlighting stories from those who were affected, this week’s The Week’s End is dedicated to the victims of the Orlando Shooting, their friends and family, and the entire LGBTQ community.


Since the shooting I have kept this page up in my browser, so I can read the updates as they come in. While a lot of the news has been sad, there are also stories of love. Stories of the victims. Read them and never forget.

The world is getting less and less safe for more and more people. Every time this happens it will touch more and more of us. We are all going to have to learn to cope in that world.

In the wake of the shooting, Democrats moved to force gun legislation. Whether or not they will get it, and whether or not it will mean anything remains to be seen.

In the meantime, we have to remember not to remain silent. Don’ you forget and don’t let anyone else forget either. Keep talking and keep fighting, every day.

Let’s go back to where it all began.

One reason this hurts so much is that for some, the club is all we have. It’s not ideal, and it isn’t always healthy, but it was a place to go to be yourself.

Some clubs are where people learn who they are and how to be themselves. What will we go now?

So many different kinds of hate came together that night, homophobia, misogyny, and racism. We have to fight all three.

What we haven’t talked much about is what kind of world we are creating for young queer kids growing up now. The ones who are suffering the way we did in school and if nothing gets better, will suffer more than we ever did as adults.

And finally to those who are hurt by this act but not apart of our community. We know you want to help, but please help in the right ways. Do not hurt us all over again.


If you have read or written anything that should be included in the list, please, drop a link in the comments. Happy Pride Month, stay safe out there.

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4 Replies to “The Week’s End // Remembering Orlando”

  1. Maybe it’s just that I’m an eternal optimist, but I see it slightly different. The massive hate crime – for I feel it was much more a hate crime, closer the she shooting at the African American church than the Paris act of terrorism a few months ago – is about as awful as it gets, yet it has shone some positive light. People who spewed hate at the LGBT community just a short time ago were crying with the rest of us this week. OK, I see the difference – the first tweet from Hilary was concern about the victims, the first tweet from Donald was a mention that an act of terrorism happened in the country (like, “see, I told you so”). There is a difference between reactions. Yet at the same time, at least from my straight, white vantage point, I’ve seen more support for the LGBT community than I ever have. I’m one of those people who say it is safest to fly after a terrorist knocks down an airplane, and statistically it is. My guess is right now is the safest time to go to a gay club. Except that now you might run into more straight people going to such clubs for the first time in their lives to show their support and so you might feel a little less inclined to be 100% yourself. At least for a short time.

    I’m sorry for babbling, I just wanted to say that although we should feel awful for the victims and survivors, proud of those who acted heroically and/or with love, I don’t think you need to feel any more paranoid about going out than before. The definition of terrorism is to cause fear that is very out of proportion for the actual threat. Random bombings and shootings cause that – although you still have a million times greater chance of being hit by a car crossing the street than being caught in one of these events, these acts scare you a million times more than cars. But when you show fear, the terrorist has won 100%.

    OK, sorry again, I’m getting carried away. I know it is very hard since so much hatred has been aimed your community’s way. This has hit too close to home. I am sorry for this latest tragedy and how bad it effects everyone. For once you are not alone.


    1. I get what you are saying. I don’t want the terrorists to win, and I don’t want to live in fear, but I love someone, and she loves me too, and the world can be a scary place for us. We’ve been followed, men have attempted to separate us, these things have happened in stores and around friends. It’s not that I am just now feeling paranoid, I always do. Before I would tell myself that we would be okay, that the world was changing, and we would be okay. It’s not that I exactly think I’ll be the victim of an act like this. It’s just that it’s harder to convince myself that the world is changing or that we’ll be okay anymore. There are people out there who hate us and they are hiding. They don’t look a certain way or follow a particular religion. They are everywhere, and it’s very hard not to be scared now. It will get better, I know, but it’s slow.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. I get it – from my POV it looks fine, but I don’t have to live it. Same with race – I can’t know racism first hand but I trust my friends 100% when they say the face it almost daily. I think it’s getting better, but again, that is just from my POV – hopefully it really is!


        1. I do think it is getting better. I know it is. I guess in the moment a lot of fear was brought up from the past, a lot of fear about where we might be headed too. I do think its great you are open to listening and that you do care as much as you do. Thank you :)

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