Jean-Paul Sartre on Freedom and Responsibility

5 thoughts on “Jean-Paul Sartre on Freedom and Responsibility”

  1. Well once I thought I was free and I ran to the other side of the earth. Then I was not free but terrible tormented and ,y actions had severe consequences; the full magnitude unknown. It might arrogant too to imagine we can separate ourselves from the reality that this universe although chaotic is some natural balance.


    1. We are a part of the universe but the universe is indifferent to us. We are freer than we believe we are. I don’t mean that we can break the laws of physics, I mean there is no one way for a human to live and we can change things if we wanted to. I mean that there is no single destiny for any of us, and things are not this way “just because”. Thank you for reading :)

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  2. The only thing I’ve read by Sartre is No Exit – his play with the theme that “hell is other people” and I loved it.

    I do not agree with his philosophy wholly, primarily because I know that God does exist, just as you know He does not. However, I do agree that we are responsible for our actions and we have freedom that many reject. I’ve had the same conversation several times that runs along the lines of, “You do not have to stay in your dead-end job. You choose to. Decide if the comfort of that paycheck is more or less valuable than the vagaries of chasing your art.”


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