Finding Enlightenment in a Unisex Bathroom

One thought on “Finding Enlightenment in a Unisex Bathroom”

  1. I’m a cis woman and once, many years ago I went to a fetish event which was held in a function room above a pub. It had its own small bar and two, fairly small toilets – male and female. Fairly early in the night I went to the loo only to find the womens full of men changing into dresses and fixing make-up, leaving no room for me! So I went into the mens, where there was one guy peeing and a free cubical. All I got was a ‘hi’, completed my business and left, without any problems. It was nice.
    Years later, I was at university as a mature student in a new built building. The toilets on the main floor had combined washing facilities and urinals behind a door with the cubicals behind another. A person went into whichever one was needed and washed up outside, it seemed to work.


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