Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Frida Kahlo

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Frida Kahlo”

  1. What an interesting person Kahlo was. She exuded a true beauty and seemed to like herself. So many artists suffered from rare conditions. It goes right along with my phrase, “You have to suffer to be beautiful.” The Buddha teaches that our entire life is suffering. It is only when we transcend that pain that we find true beauty. A lovely post, Lisa. Well done! <3


  2. My instinct is to respond that not all pain leads to self-awareness. Not all pain leads to reflection and resolution. Not all pain causes us to grow. I suffer from depression and when I am in a depressed state, I am at my least self-aware.

    However, even as I thought that thought, I realized how defeating it is. Perhaps, just perhaps, I am defeating myself by lingering in those thoughts. When I am not depressed – which is thankfully most of the time – it is easy to see suffering as leading to growth. My struggle then becomes, to be so self-aware that even in the midst of pain and suffering, I can appreciate the bigger picture.

    Also, thank you for this story. I did not know that much about her.



  3. Hi Lisa, this post well highlights that it is often true that artists and musicians produce their best work when its drawn from an emotion- often pain for some reason. I enjoy reading your Writers Quote Wednesday pots, its always an opportunity to find out something new about talented figures. I have nominated you for a blogger recognition award and also shared a link to your page as one of my favourites: https://charoflondon.com/2016/07/07/blogger-recognition-award/


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