It’s Never Too Late

15 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late”

    1. I’ve gotten so many responses from people much older than me! You all have been more inspiring than my George Eliot quote. It’s beautiful to see so many chasing their dreams :)

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  1. Wow. I’m so sorry that you grew up thinking life was over at 25 or maybe 15. I’m so sorry that nobody took the time to encourage you, and to show you that Great Things sometimes happen in the everyday – helping a stranger, being part of a larger group, teaching. I’m sorry that nobody introduced you to others who’s “greatness” happened late in life, like Grandma Moses, for example.

    AND I can’t wait for your books to come out!


    1. Society puts a lot of pressure on teenagers to choose the course of the rest of their lives before they are capable. Many are taught that one wrong step could mean a life of hardship. I made a lot of wrong steps. I’m lucky I have a passion that didn’t require that I made the right steps when I was younger (although it certainly would’ve helped lol) and I can still do something great. For so many, life can feel like it’s over as the hurdles are much higher to jump later in life. I know it can be done but I mourn the loss of what could have been. I wrote this for so many others who feel that way too.

      I can’t wait to publish my books either! One day, if I can stay strong enough and determined enough. Thank you for reading, as always :)


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