Don’t Listen to Your Brain, It’s Stupid

12 thoughts on “Don’t Listen to Your Brain, It’s Stupid”

  1. Whenever I start berating or otherwise abusing myself, I remember this:

    If I treated someone else the way I treat myself, only then would I be the monster I accuse myself of being.

    It doesn’t always stop what I’m doing, but it does remind me that I’m being rough with myself, as is my learned childhood habit.


    1. I have the same childhood habit. I’m also not very good at trusting my own feelings, another childhood habit. I like your advice too. I’ll add it to the list of things I say too myself when I need cheering. Thank you *hugs*


  2. “But that’s not what my brain says”

    You captured perfectly the feeling of confusion and hopelessness at the same time. If you can’t trust your brain, who can you trust ?
    Deep. Very deep.


    1. Exactly! Our minds hold the only perspective we will ever know, and it’s hard to believe anything outside of it is truer than what is inside of it. Thanks for reading :)


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