Zen and Pi Weekend Reading Round-up

Happy Saturday everyone! If you’re looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, here is the best of the web this week, according to me.


My thoughts are with the people of Nice, France, where a truck plowed into a crowd and killed 80.

My thoughts are also with the people of Turkey, where a military coup is being attempted.

Pokémon Go is everywhere, but should it be?

Are you racist? (Hint: The answer is yes.)

A good existential crisis builds character. Consider going through one today.

I am determined to start an art journal, one I have made myself. You should too.

The end of summer is near.

I want to receive pretty things in the mail too! :(

A powerful and heartbreaking poem about things that have happened to many of us in the dark.

For every artist, there is room to tell the same story, again and again, only different.

I want this shirt so badly.

And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? Has something on the internet made you think or feel strongly? If so, drop a link in the comments :)


P.S. If you’ve been reading these every week you might notice I have made a few changes. I’ll be playing around with presentation for a while but every week I will still deliver the same list of items I feel are worth your time. 

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Featured image via Pexels


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