If We Were Having Coffee // Pokémon and Messy Art

7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Pokémon and Messy Art”

  1. Oh, I haven’t heard of Paper Dolls, but I love the cover, and I’ve enjoyed both Saga and Y: The Last Man, so I need to check it out! I also really like that idea about art journaling…I think I might need a notebook like that for writing ideas. I have the same sort of objection to bright, white, clean and unused pages.


      1. I’ve got to do some hunting for source materials, but I just might manage it. :)

        Do let me know about Paper Dolls—haven’t heard of it until now, but I’m intrigued!


  2. I don’t mix my journals either. I have one that I use as a bullet journal. I have another that I use for “everyday” writing. The third is just for outlining/writing for my novel.

    Hope you had a great visit with your girlfriend’s sister and nephews :)


  3. I enjoy PokemonGo vicariously through my husband. He got into it through his brother. Also, wasn’t it designed for people 25-35, who grew up with Pokemon? You are no weirdo! I haven’t yet downloaded it, mostly because I think our facebook and twitter posts are funnier if we are on opposite sides of it, but I do enjoy going out finding the Pokemon with him.


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