I’m an Auntie Again!

Hello Dear Readers! I wanted to stop in really quick and let you know that this blog and my newsletter will be on a little break this week. My baby brother has gone and grown up and become a father to a beautiful baby girl.

Between being present for a very long labor and trying to spend some time with the newborn, I haven’t, and won’t, have time for writing. So, I will have to put things on hold. No worries, though, I promise to be back to regularly scheduled programming first thing Monday morning.

I do hope you all have a good week and until next time :)

I'm an aunt again! Welcome to the family Mariana Leah. You are beautiful :)

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Hello! My name is Lisa. I find the human condition fascinating and I often write stuff about that. I blog at zenandpi.com but you can also find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and if you like what I do, consider signing up for my newsletter. Thanks :)

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