Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Franz Kafka

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Franz Kafka”

  1. Great post about Kafka, Lisa. I really love that quote. Not long ago, I found out that I am an introvert too… for the same reasons as yourself. People exhaust me! I am always renewed when I have my alone time. WHO knew? Now, when I look back at the jobs I held, that is what I had a hard time in some of my jobs. I did much better tucked away in a corner than front and center! Have a great week. It is funny how us introverts seem to find other introverts!! LOL! <3

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    1. Yes! I do much better when I get to work alone or do things my own way. Even in a professional setting the expectations of interaction and small talk irritate me after a while. I wish I knew more introverts in real life lol. I’m glad my extroverted friends are understanding :)

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    1. This is perfect! The part about not wasting energy on pointless interaction is exactly right. I will often “check out” and start doing my own thing if my friends start talking about things I’m not interested in our of they are only a showing off funny gifs or YouTube videos. Its not personal I just don’t like to waste energy on it. Luckily my friends understand, or at least they tolerate it lol. Thanks for the link :)

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  2. As a teenager, I read The Trial and The Castle and I can say they had a profound effect on my approach to writing. We share a passion in writing and by passion I mean it is our true form of expression.


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