Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Lettie Prell

Hello, hello, and welcome to the middle of the week, dear readers. If you are feeling a little run down or if Friday is feeling a bit too far away, I encourage you to check out Writer’s Quote Wednesday, a weekly event hosted by Colleen of Silver Threading and Ronovan of Ronovan Writes.

For my contribution this week, I have chosen a quote from the author, Lettie Prell.

1583944Lettie Prell is a science fiction writer; She has also published fantasy and poetry. Her haiku was featured in the Iowa Drama Workshop production of Kali Ma!. Her stories have appeared in Apex Magazine, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Paranormal Underground, and elsewhere.

She likes to explore the edge where humans and their technology are increasingly merging. She is also intensely interested in the implications of quantum mechanics and a world of infinite potential.

“I must write now and quickly, before I begin to prefer the perfect version that lives in my head.”

Lettie Prell

I do not write quickly. Luckily, I don’t think quickly either.

I start off with a spark, a quote, a snippet of conversation, an abstract idea and I mentally map out what it is I want to say. No piece I have ever written has ended up written, edited, and posted so easily, though. What happens more often than not is that my fingers are jumping away on the keyboard, typing out words that just pop into my head from out of nowhere.

I end up saying something completely different than what I thought I wanted to say.

Not that I don’t mean what I was going to say, just that I was misinformed about how I felt or what I think is important. I guess I think I know myself or my intentions when I really don’t.

Maybe that’s normal? We all believe we feel one way, but we act or say another. We all believe that we would do one thing under certain circumstance, and we find out one day that we were very wrong. Sometimes one line of reasoning seems right until we speak it out loud, and we find it doesn’t make sense, or it isn’t right.

It’s only through finding ourselves in different situations and reflecting on the reality of who we are, do we learn that we were someone we thought we knew and didn’t all along.

Writing is how I learn about myself.

It happens with all kinds of writing. My poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, even my memoir stuff always takes a turn into territory I meant to stay away from or things I am not ready to say. It used to be very frustrating.

Lately, I have given up on all that premeditated writing and just sit down with that one word, quote, or image, and I just see where my mind and my hands will take me. I can honestly say I surprise myself nearly every day with writing. That is the beauty of writing.

Sometimes I like what my mind and my fingers come up with; sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I post it either way, and I post it quickly, before I can over think it. I post it because even if it’s bad, it feels more authentic than anything I had preplanned, and authenticity is what I strive for in all my writing. Authenticity is the currency of writing.

It isn’t easy sharing writing you feel is less than perfect, or writing that you are sure about, but just as I have surprised myself, my readers—you all—have surprised me too. It is those pieces that have been written by a part of myself I was getting to know just before I introduced them to you are the ones that have been some of my most popular.

Being your truest self, the self you might not have even known you were is what people gravitate toward. So, be you. Write imperfectly about that imperfect you and share it quickly, before the impulse to hide and censor who you are takes hold, and you lose all you have in writing: Your authenticity.


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3 Replies to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday // Lettie Prell”

  1. Lisa, I love the part where you say to just be you. People do gravitate toward those who are real and true. Your writing always shares a certain innocence in it that makes me want to read more of your thoughts. Lettie Prell sounds amazing! <3


  2. Alors là, je ne pensais pas quynA9;3no#&me était aussi grave…il y en a qui n'ont vraiment pas de vie…Je plains l'ADOTH; avec des supporters comme lui, pas besoin de détracteurs ! Signé : Recrafteur qui a sa carte de donneur depuis 1982 !


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