Feminism is Not Fun

3 thoughts on “Feminism is Not Fun”

  1. hello :) ‘no one likes feminism’ right, yet no one likes to be raped, humiliated, beaten to death or not by boyfriend. So I don’t mind much those who don’t like my ideology. I am a feminist, I like cooking and being home, I love girly stuff, I love my boyfriend. But when it comes to solidarity with women – when reasonable – I don’t hesitate, I will chose the side of the woman.
    This being said my life is also quite fun when I don’t work …. I wish you a nice week-end 😊

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  2. “or to be taken seriously, or to be seen a whole person rather than just a “thing” to be taken in and fantasized about later.” – right? It’s tiring to constantly have to point out to people watching darned near anything in the media that women actually have brains. We don’t all feel the need to prance around half naked to get noticed.


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