Resist the Temptation​ to Settle for Too Little

Hello, dear readers and happy Monday! I know I know, Mondays aren’t supposed to be good days, but let’s imagine for a moment that they are. Let’s imagine that Mondays are the days when we get to start all over again. Let’s imagine all the bad things that happened last week don’t matter anymore and that we’ve been given a second chance to do it all right again. If that were the case wouldn’t you be a bit more excited about Mondays?

Yes, you would, so let’s make that dream a reality. Treat this Monday as your big chance to get out there and get shit done!

So far, for me, this Monday is one filled with anxiety. I will be heading to my very first adult driving class and taking my first step to conquering my fear and getting my license. I’m 31, and it’s well past about time. I’m scared, but I am also excited and proud of myself for doing it in the face of so much fear. Wish me luck!

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little”


This week I am thinking about all the ways I have gotten too comfortable and let myself settle. I’m guilty of settling for less than I was capable of and I’m writing this to remind myself, and you if you need it too, that there is so much more I can do and have if I remember to stay hungry and curious.

I lost the motivation to push myself further for years simply because things became comfortable and good enough. To be fair, what some may think of as underachieving to me looked like more than I thought I could ever have or even deserved.

I had a job that paid over ten dollars an hour, and I had meant someone who thought she could maybe love me back. We had a checking account, a roof over our heads, and we had food, were had all we needed and so I stopped looking ahead and only looked at the present thinking it perfect and thinking it would never change.

The trouble with settling is that it usually means you stand still, and the rest of the world moves on without you. The trouble with settling is one day you will wake up, and you will realize that while you were staring at the present, the future has snuck up and made all you thought was perfect into something to be looked upon with contempt.

That isn’t to say the present should not be cherished or that every achievement is not worth celebration, I just think a part of the mind should be set on the past and future too. You should never let your mind grow stagnant. Explore your boundaries. Push against them, test them and see where your possibilities lay.

Remember that you do deserve more, is only that what you deserve isn’t free. Try something different, work a little harder, give up what isn’t giving you the best results. Do it for money, sure, but more importantly, do it for the wisdom you’ll gain, the experiences you will take with you, and the amazing stories you will get to tell.

I wish I had been more driven. I wish I had seen more of what I could have and not just what I did have. I woke up one day, and my peers had moved on, and we’re doing, learning, and seeing so much more than me. I’m doing my best to catch up, but it’s harder to do in your 30s what you should have done in your 20s.

The world is less flexible and less understanding of my dreams and my mistakes.

So enjoy what you have but don’t settle. Don’t let your mind atrophy and your mood become one of resistance and curmudgeonry. Don’t let all the food things in life pass you by simply because you can’t imagine what they are, how you could achieve them, or even that you might deserve them.

Most of all do not let a little thing like fear—whether of failure or success—get in your way.

From The Little Book of Confidence by Tiddy Rowan via Swissmiss


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2 Replies to “Resist the Temptation​ to Settle for Too Little”

  1. It’s easy to say “I wish” to a lot of things. There are a lot of regrets we hold onto. One regret I have is not inquiring about an internship at a publishing firm in college.

    Holding on to those regrets keeps us stuck. We need to let them go and strive for something better. Perhaps what will make us happy is better than what we thought might make us happy.


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