If We Were Having Coffee // Am I Sad or am I Sick?

6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Am I Sad or am I Sick?”

  1. Here’s hoping you feel better Lisa! Summer colds are the worst, because you have to deal with the heat and humidity on top of everything else, in my opinion.

    Also, happy anniversary :)


  2. Two of the three in this house have colds (though they are proper winter ones here in Australia), and I am the last standing.

    I’ve had more than ten years with my Wanderer, and I understand what you’re talking about. There’s that deeper bond and connection – something that goes beyond the occasional anger or pain that is somewhere closer to the surface of things. Congratulations on your 14 years, and here’s to many more.


    1. Ten years! Congrats! It’s nice to know there are still people in the world who are working through the ups and downs of relationships. Everyone I know is either single or in a new relationship. It’s hard to find couples who understand that eventually it becomes something very different from how it starts out. It’s something you almost can’t explain, you have to have experienced it to get it.


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