Currently // August 2016

We’ve come to the end of another month and, as always, I want to share with you all that is going on with me, all the changes I have made, and what I am looking forward to. This is what I am currently:

Writing my blog post in advance so that I might have a little more time to write for places other than here. I have a long list of publications that I’m interested in being a part of and one by one I’m making my way through them.

Planning something for my lovely lady’s birthday this month, or trying to anyway. I’m not very good at this.

Making very slow progress through my art journal. I had hoped to post pics of it at least weekly but like all things I plan, it’s coming along slower than anticipated. I haven’t given up, though.

Thinking the limits of the human mind. I’d never considered that there might be things we just can’t do. Like everyone, I saw an unlimited possibility for all of us, but maybe there are things we can’t do or know, or decisions we can’t make? It’s strange and exciting to feel the boundaries of human potential.

Reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I thought it was boring at first, and I had to force myself through the beginning but things are picking up, and I’m finding I can’t put it down. Look for a proper review, and one for Catch-22, in the coming weeks. 

Watching The Night Of on HBO!  Actually, I just finished it and I’m very sad it’s over. It’s pretty dark, pretty twisted, and it has a lot to say about the what human flaws. My kinda show exactly!

Feeling winter approaching. I hate winter. I hate being cold, I hate snow, and I hate when everything goes all gray, and the world looks dead. Winters are long here, and I am trying to prepare for the feelings of depression and hopelessness that will hang around me until April.

Needing to hurry up and get this driving thing done. I’ve finished my first lesson, and I am desperate to practice, take another lesson, and maybe get my license soon. We need another car badly, but I don’t feel comfortable practicing in our car until we get a few things fixed on it.

Loving Butterfinger candy bars again. They were my childhood favorite, and I recently rediscovered them during a strange period of craving sweets. I never crave sweets but for some reason, all of a sudden Butterfingers are what my body says it needs. I’ll try not to let them become a bad habit.

Hating the Donald Trump campaign more and more every day. He’s horrible, and I still cannot understand how he made it this far. That’s not true; I can understand, I just hate it. I hate that there are people in this country who subscribe to an “Us vs. Them” mentality and choose to support a candidate who thinks this country belongs to certain people only.

Hoping that my girlfriend’s workload lightens soon, and she can stop working late into the evening and weekends too. I understand she has a very important job, and there is a lot on her plate all the time, but I miss her dammit!


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The inspiration for this post comes from Andrea at Create.Share.Love.

Featured image via Unsplash


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