Short and Sweet Reviews // The Night Of

The truth doesn’t help you, and if you can’t get that through your head, you can forget about the rest of your life.

— Jack Stone, The Night Of

In The Night Of we meet Nasir Khan, AKA Naz, a good Pakistani-American student who makes a mistake, or five one night on his way to a meet his friends at a party. The biggest of which is meeting a troubled girl who ends up dead with his DNA all over her and he does the worst things person can do, he runs and takes the murder weapon with him.

At first, the HBO drama The Night Of seems like a simple who done it type crime show, but you quickly realize none of this is about whether or not Naz killed the pretty troubled girl and more about our justice system, our prisons, and survival.

 But if I were you, I’d ask myself one question. Did I kill her? If the answer’s yes, take the deal. If the answer’s no, don’t.

— Chandra, The Night Of

After his arrest, Naz has to learn to protect himself in prison. His lawyers have to figure out how to save his life when the truth doesn’t seem to matter. His family has to believe in him when the evidence says otherwise and all of it has to be done against the backdrop of post 9/11 Islamophobia in America.

The show is dark and pretty graphic. It hurts, and it makes you uncomfortable. Every character takes a journey, and we are all along for the sad, scary ride.

Even if you can’t remember anything, you’d know it, you’d feel it. I’m not a murderer.

— Naz, The Night Of

So, do I recommend it? Definitely! The show kept me interested and each week I found myself anxious to find out what happens next. Every actor and actress pulled their weight, and I felt fully immersed in the motivation of each character. The pacing was good too. I don’t feel like there was any filler or unnecessary episodes.

The initial crime will suck you in, you will want to know who killed the girl and why, but if you remember that sometimes in life the journey is the destination you’ll see the show for what it is a statement about what people are capable of, even when they think they aren’t.

You got some secrets in you, don’t you? And some rage. I like it.

— Freddy, The Night Of


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2 Replies to “Short and Sweet Reviews // The Night Of”

  1. This show was great! It really pulled the viewer in. At some points I wasn’t even sure whether Naz was as good as he was portrayed in the beginning. My only complaint would be how Chandra’s character is handled at the end.


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