The First Date

Based on a true story.

I shouldn’t have done this. I don’t even know what being on a date means. I’ve never done this before. It feels very grown up. She probably hasn’t either, right? No, don’t ask her. You don’t want to know yet. She’s so pretty. Say something about her hair. I’ve never known a girl with purple hair. She’s interesting. I’m so boring. Why does she even like me? Does she even like me? Act natural. Act natural. Breathe. Act natural.

Just order the food and keep talking. But don’t talk too much. Wait, have I been talking too much? Oh my God, shut up now. Give her a chance to talk. Look at the menu. Don’t act too interested but don’t act like you aren’t interested. Why did she say yes? She felt sorry for me. My heart is going to get broken. Act natural. Act natural. Relax. Act natural.

What did she say? “It’s hot in here?” I thought it was just me. Oh God, she’s taking her sweater off. She’s really beautiful. I’ve never done this before. I mean, I’ve done it before, I just haven’t done this before. A date. Do people date? This is actually nice. I wonder if she’s brought other girls here. Don’t ask her that. Don’t be jealous. Oh my god, you are jealous. Act natural. Act natural. Breathe. Act natural.

Say something. Don’t let this get awkward. Don’t be weird; you’re always so weird. Dammit, where is the food? When the food comes I can stop talking. Why is she looking at you? Did you get weird? Say something, tell a joke. Make her laugh. Wow, she’s laughing. Is she laughing because the joke was good or because it was stupid? It was stupid. She’s still laughing. I’m not that funny. It was stupid. Oh God, she just touched my leg.

Act natural. Act natural. Breathe. Act natural.


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Written in response to the Discover Challenge: Here and Now

Featured image via Pexels 


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