Perception is Everything

Hello, dear readers and happy Monday! I know I know, Mondays aren’t happy. Mondays are for being tired, and grouchy, and remembering all the things you don’t like about your life. Mondays are for wanting nothing more than to crawl back into bed and escaping the world.

But, let’s try something different. Let’s imagine that Mondays are the days when we get to start all over again. Let’s imagine all the bad things that happened last week don’t matter anymore and that we’ve been given a second chance to do it all again, and this time, we might even get it right.

From now on Monday’s are for making the changes we want to see in ourselves, and for thinking about the changes we want to see in the world. Monday’s are our new favorite days!

As for me, this Monday started out a little off. I forgot to set my alarm last night, but the Universe was smiling down on me and woke me up just in time to make it to get half-assed ready and get to work on time. I had braced myself for the rest of the day going the same way, but it turns out, my route is canceled, and I have hardly any other work scheduled. Today will be easy-peasy which is always a blessing on a Monday.

I hope yours will be just as easy.

“Reality is irrelevant; Perception is everything.”

— Terry Goodkind

I spend a lot of my time trying to get at the truth of everything. I want to know what the world is like outside of human meaning and influence. I want to see myself and all humans from the outside. I to find out what we are and where we are going, from the outside without having to use my tiny flawed human brain. I want to see what reality is.

But I can’t. I can never get outside of my mind, and humans can never see the universe from outside of our human perception. So maybe, looking for the true reality of things is a futile endeavour. Maybe I should be looking at the messy and varied perceptions of things.

Perception seems to be all we humans have, and I think we don’t spend nearly enough time considering it.

This week try looking for and understanding yours and others perception of things. Perception determines what is true and what isn’t, it determines what we think and feel about a person or an event, and it is all we are ever talking about.

We don’t live in a fact-based society. We don’t live in a cold and uncaring reality. We live in a world created and maintained by human thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The only way to get anywhere in this world is to learn to recognize and navigate that landscape.

I used to struggle with this fact. I always thought truth and reality would make all the difference; I thought telling people the facts and pointing out what is right, fair, and best would change people’s hearts and minds, and the outcome of everything. It doesn’t. People don’t care about facts; they care about how something makes them feel.

If you want to change the world, you have to feel the fact with feeling, or else humans can’t perceive them.

This week, consider yours and other perception in all things. Notice how many times the perception of events means more than the reality. Pay attention when you hear or feel yourself disregarding and dismissing facts in favor of a feeling.

Don’t change anything, just notice. Roll those feeling over in your mind, and try to get at the reasons why you do this. Try to find out why other people do it too. Learn to separate reality from your perception, if you can, and consider how you might feel if you weren’t you, a messy emotional human.

Perception is everything in humans; there is just no getting around that, but it might be useful to get outside of ourselves and look at things in a more detached way.

Let’s find out.


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