Share Your Whole Self

6 thoughts on “Share Your Whole Self”

  1. Oh, this is a fantastic post! You are so right. I just finished a post and it started different and then I edited it. I didn’t wanted it to be too negative. But you are right. We need to share the dark side too. I often read posts on blogs of bloggers who suffer. They are readers / followers of mine, most of them. Sometimes I don’t want to write a negative post because I know that they appreciate the lighter side to my blog. I don’t want them to read something that makes them feel sorry for me because their issues are so much bigger. But then they must think it’s all ice cream and cake for me while it’s not. So maybe it makes them feel “better” if they know that I have my issues too.

    I could write an essay about my relationship with my mother but then there are people following my blog who I don’t want to read it (can I set one specific post to private so I can cut the ones out that I don’t want to read it???).

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