Today is the Day America!

Hello, America. I know it’s been a long, stressful, and often frightening ride from the primary races until now but soon, very soon, it will all be over. Today is election day, and we can all finally make our choice and move on.

I had planned to come here and remind you what was at stake and who the better candidate was but I’ve changed my mind. At this point, most of us have our mind’s made up, and there is very little anyone could say to sway us to from our candidates.

If you believe Trump is the candidate shown to be the liar with dangerous ideas about where the country should go, you know you are smart, informed, and compassionate and nothing will change that.

If you think Hillary has come through all her years of hard work and experience, fighting tooth and nail to do what she believes is right, and is still less qualified than a man who has lied and defrauded people his entire professional life, there is nothing that can save you from your ignorance.

If you believe the candidate that has been shown to be the candidate of choice for the sexist, the racist, the homophobic, and the xenophobic is the one who will bring America back to her former glory, there is no way you will see anything that isn’t filtered through your blinding privilege.

If you want to move this country toward a future where hatred, fear, and paranoia dominate our media, our elections, our view of the rest of the world, and their view of us, there is nothing I can do. I cannot give you empathy nor open your heart.

The time has passed for making our arguments and begging one another to step into the light. The time has come to let the chips fall where they may.

One thing we all can agree on is the importance of our vote, no matter who it is for. I am here to encourage each and every one of my American followers to get out there and cast their ballot for the candidate who says she will work to bring us all together again—whoever that may be.

Make sure your voice is heard, and make sure your voice is calling for a future where America is a place of positivity and compassion, for all!


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Featured image via @SillyRepublicans



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