The Mourning After

5 thoughts on “The Mourning After”

  1. Last night’s sleep was fitful for me, too. I was astonished as I saw the results come in. It felt unreal, given my circle of friends. I’m still struggling to accept the results of the 2016 general election. To have one party in almost complete control in all aspects of our federal government gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m unsettled, on edge. I’m determined, though, not to succumb to those who would discriminate against my brothers and sisters everywhere and seek to limit basic human freedoms. I haven’t given up on the “democratic experiment” yet, but seeing half the voting public vote for an airhead candidate, a non-existent plan of action and obfuscatory politics makes me squeamish. It’s back to square one for me, since my state and federal government ideals have been squelched. It’s back to agitating on the local level in the hopes that something honorable, compassionate and lasting can come from this. It was good to read your thoughts. It helped me be more determined.

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