Think About What You Are Thinking

5 thoughts on “Think About What You Are Thinking”

  1. Why this is so hard for some is beyond logical to me. “Think beyond your prejudices. Think with empathy, compassion, and faith in humankind. Do not think in generalizations. Do not think the worst of those you don’t know or understand.” Well said, and I voted as it’s one of the few constitutionally granted voices we have.


    1. I think the “us vs. them” mentality is deeply rooted in human nature and is harder for some to overcome than others. We can only hope that slowly, year after year, more and more are able to feel empathy and be vulnerable without feeling shame, fear, or anger. We must help them understand that it’s ok to care about other people and that doing so will cause them no harm. I am glad you let your voice be heard. Thank you for reading :)

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  2. I met with a dear older lady today, who voted for Trump… not because she supported him, but because her husband had told her it was a vote against Hillary. Hillary couldn’t be trusted and would keep the banks contained and grow the government. When I suggested to her that some people may have voted for him because they believed in bullying, bigotry and putting woman down … she turned to me and said “they wouldn’t do that would they!?!” I replied “they just did”. She was genuinely shocked. Conditioning and ignorance keep us from awakening.


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