The Week’s End // A Round-up of Important Reads

I am a day late and the weekend is nearly over now I know, but I still had a few stories I wanted to share with you all before the work week begins. So, here’s what’s been going on in the world, and on the internet, this week.

2016: You played yourself.

I don’t even feel sorry for you.

A quick self-check.

A syllabus for every issue, no excuses.

We should have known, but now we know.

There is a politics to exhaustion.

Everyone is still mad at everyone.


Socrates would be so disappointed in us.

The iguana run got even better!

My mother, her failures, and mine.

Fuck Off Earth Patch // King Drippa

And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, or written an interesting thing this week? Has something on the internet made you feel strongly? If so, drop a link in the comments, we’d love to check it out :)


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Original image via Unsplash


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