My 2017 Reading Resolutions

9 thoughts on “My 2017 Reading Resolutions”

  1. Great goals! I set my number of books to read at 24 (two per month) and I think I have all of them on my Kindle already! I love your comment on taking notes in your books. I should try that. I know Kindle has that functionality. Thanks for sharing.


  2. These are awesome goals! Borges has written some really interesting magical realism. I’ve read a few of his short stories in various Spanish classes over the years and they always have a way of making me think. Hope you have a wonderful 2017! :)


    1. While writing this list I remembered that I actually had read something by him before, a short piece titled Borges and I. I’d forgotten the short story but I never forgot how I felt when I read it. I think it was one of those small things that leaves a big mark on your life. It’s just funny how I never realized it until now…..Sorry to ramble on just meant to say thank you for inspiring the list and helping me remember that moment in my life :)

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