My 2017 Reading Resolutions

I will read at least 30 books this year. I had the same goal last year, and while I did fall a little short, I am still so proud of myself for reading more than I did the year before. I am going to do everything I can to make sure that 2017 is the year when I finally meet my goals.

I will read even when it is hard. One thing that set me back was that I kept giving up when it got hard. When a book was hard to understand I avoided it but rather than just picking up a different book, I did nothing. This year, if a book is hard and I find myself falling into old habits, I will move on to something else and come back when I feel like trying again.

I will read the Bronte sisters. I’ve been curious about the sisters Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Anne Bronte but I have been afraid to dedicate time to books on romance and domestic affairs. I thought the same about Jane Austen so I could be wrong about these obviously talented and quite mystereous—I hear—ladies.

I will read Jorge Luis Borges. Fantastic realism is a literary trick I would love to get a handle on, why not start reading a man who was famous for employing it in his own work? Not to mention he has a body of work across many forms of writing including short stories, poems, and essays.

I will write in my books. I’ve read that reading should be an interactive process and that the notes we take in the margins, the words we choose to highlight can be considered a sort of art form. I hate writing in books because I want to keep them in pristine condition but I recently got a used book with a ton of writing in is, and I love the book all the more for it.

I will read before bed. We should all be turning off our screens about 30 minutes or so before bed, but what to do instead?

I will write more reviews. I’ve written a few but not nearly as many as I’d hoped. This year I am going to take the reviews in a different direction, I want to share what I learned from the book. How does each book I read become a part of who I am and where I am going? How does the book make me feel and think? This is why I read, and this is what I want to share.

I will have a plan for what to read next. This was another reason I fell short of my 2016 reading goals. I lost days and weeks just trying to figure out what to read next. This year I will have a plan!

I will ask for recommendations. I don’t talk to a lot of people about what I am reading and what I like to read. I don’t ask people about their reading habits much either. I guess it’s because there is so much pressure to react to a book the way other people have. If a book changed someone’s life, and then you read it, and you didn’t really like it can be awkward to say that, but there are so many books that I have never even heard of. I need help.

I will get a library card. Actually, I have a library card. What I mean is, I will pay off my library fees so I can use my library card. When I was young, I lost a ton of library books and never paid for them. I know, I’m awful. I have to fix this though because books are expensive!


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Written in response to The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday Prompt with a twist inspired by Nut Free Nerd

Many of the items on this list or ideas I’ve gathered from the author and artist Austin Kleon. Check out his posts How to Read More and 33 Thoughts on Reading. And if your phone is too much of a distraction download his Read a Book Instead wallpaper.

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9 Replies to “My 2017 Reading Resolutions”

  1. Great goals! I set my number of books to read at 24 (two per month) and I think I have all of them on my Kindle already! I love your comment on taking notes in your books. I should try that. I know Kindle has that functionality. Thanks for sharing.


  2. These are awesome goals! Borges has written some really interesting magical realism. I’ve read a few of his short stories in various Spanish classes over the years and they always have a way of making me think. Hope you have a wonderful 2017! :)


    1. While writing this list I remembered that I actually had read something by him before, a short piece titled Borges and I. I’d forgotten the short story but I never forgot how I felt when I read it. I think it was one of those small things that leaves a big mark on your life. It’s just funny how I never realized it until now…..Sorry to ramble on just meant to say thank you for inspiring the list and helping me remember that moment in my life :)

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