Your Ignorance is an Ocean, and it’s Time You Learned to Swim

5 thoughts on “Your Ignorance is an Ocean, and it’s Time You Learned to Swim”

  1. Beautiful. Those idiotic one sentence question/statements–pathetically over-simplified and distorted pronoucements–annoy me beyond reason. Good for you for holding your tongue. (My husband is a climatologist, so I’d have really struggled with that particular self-made expert.)
    It really is as if we don’t want to learn things, we just want to know them. Sort of like I don’t particularly want to eat right and exercise, but I do want to be a healthy weight. Learning makes us all better. Thanks for the challenge, Lisa!


  2. Well said. and I agree, we need to cultivate our curiosity. We need to find out and push ourselves and not just take someone’s word for it. The problem is, the less a person knows about something (say climate change), the more they think they know. If all knowledge of that subject were an infinite plane and our knowledge of it a circle on that plane, then the greater our knowledge (the bigger the circle) the larger that edge to the unknown is and the more we realize how much is beyond our knowledge. If that circle is small, then the edge to the unknown is small, so we think we know almost everything about that subject.


  3. I wish some of the people I work with wouldn’t just accept their own way of thinking and their own knowledge point blank. Today I listened to two of them have an argument/anxiety contest about the most efficient way to do a thing. It went on so long I nearly got up and closed my office door, it was so inane and distracting. Although it was easy not to say anything to them about it because that would have just made the whole thing go on even longer.


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