To Be Cynical is to be Human

3 thoughts on “To Be Cynical is to be Human”

  1. I couldn’t agree more on that topic. I quote: “Being positive all the time sounds nice, but that does not mean it is the best way or the healthiest way to live. It might not be the right way for most people. (..) Sometimes we just have to be real with ourselves. (…) to start every morning with telling myself that it’s all down to my attitude because sometimes that is nothing but a dirty lie”. Well, yes, it is a lie and it is being hypocritical, but I belong to another culture where people tend to be more blunt in their approach to life. Thanks for this post.


  2. If we can’t point out the wrongs, the uglies, things that could be better, we aren’t really really living at all. I tip towards cynical, too, because of the sheer volume of what is not right. The question needs to continue to be asked: What’s so great about the present? We haven’t arrived, not by a long shot. So, while others may see viewpoints as mine as cynical, I’m thinking its just being realistic. Good thoughts you posted.


  3. *claps* THANK YOU! Thank you for being real! We view negative emotion as being… well, bad. The thing is, it’s only bad if you unleash it to a point where it’s destructive, and you lay waste to everything and everyone around you. Me, I love my job. I don’t, however, love my job early in the morning. My alarm goes off and I either curse it out or flip it off. I don’t want to deal with anyone or anything. Except coffee. Coffee is okay in the morning.

    You’re absolutely right when you say being a human is hard! Some days, I’d rather be a domestic cat. I get to sleep and look cute, and my humans will cater to my whims. Sometimes the crushing feeling of being a woman, a person of colour and a Christian at that gets to me. Swearing or crying, doing middle-finger aerobics… it’s all okay! So thank you for writing this entry because I feel you and support this idea of being a real person. I think even we forget that we’re people sometimes, then we get in an even worse mood than we were before because we are hard on ourselves for being human. We should remember that it’s okay to be a person… and be kind to other people that are having a moment.

    and I like Mondays. For me, something fabulous has always happened on a Monday, and that day was always my Saturday on other jobs.


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