If We Were Having Coffee // A Bad Week that Wasn’t so Bad

10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // A Bad Week that Wasn’t so Bad”

  1. It is important to set boundaries when it comes to work. I’ve had a stressful few weeks, attempting to get everything done at work. I could work lots of overtime, but I feel they get the best of me forty hours a week, and that’s all I can or want to give.

    Best of luck with treating the UC. It sounds like an intimidating disorder to have to constantly battle. Hang in there!

    (The dog tweet was priceless!)


  2. Red alert for me. Have you been test for Gluten Inolerance? It is often misdiagnosed as ulcerative colitis. Did I commented on this before? Good luck with your medicines. I too waited a month to hear the results of a test. The test was unnecessary.


    1. I was tested actually! The test came back negative, but I am advised to stay away from gluten if it makes me feel worse right now. I was misdiagnosed with IBS before this, but they are 100% sure this time. Thanks!

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      1. If you hadn’t been eating gluten your test be negative. Wheat and barley are the problems. Barley soups and salads dressing. It is either wheat or corn in most commercial foods. Good luck with your problems. There is also a bacteria ‘Holicobacter pylori’ that causes ulcers. Have you been tested for it.


  3. Hope you have a stress free week and can find a way to have a mini vacation. My son just finished his spring break this week. He drove (13 hours) to Daytona Beach, Florida with a car load of friends. The weather there was actually quite cool but he said it was fun anyway. Hang in there with the health issues. I’ve had to deal with IBS for most of my life and take meds regularly. There are always new advancements so you never know what might be right around the corner!


    1. Thanks! Sorry to hear you have IBS, the docs thought that was what I had too, at first. I still think I do, along with the ulcerative colitis, but right now this is more important since the inflammation can lead to higher chances of colon cancer. I hope there will be big advances for both soon! I could really use a cure right now :)

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  4. Good thoughts for you. I’ve heard the ‘this is for the rest of your life’ a few times now, and it’s never easy to hear. There’s something internal, buried deep that rebels against this statement, but I eventually have to accept… It’ll become part of the routine soon enough.

    Have a wonderful week.


    1. Thank you! I agree about the bit of rebellion inside. When I was first diagnosed, I was sure that this was the worst it would every get and that once I was on some meds, I would be back to my old self, doing everything I had done before all of this. Of course, that is impossible. I got sick again. My doc is a smart one, though, and she told me what I needed to hear in just the right way. For now, the rebellion is squashed. It’s nice to know someone understands, thank you.

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  5. Boundaries are essential. It is so easy to get snookered into doing unfair amounts. Kudos to you.
    I so hope they find the right mix of treatment for you. That is not an easy thing to live with. Who know what they will find in the future? best of luck to you!


  6. Dogs and cats can sleep with their noses buried in their asses because they spend a lot of time cleaning their asses, so their asses smell like their mouths, which are right under their noses. So it’s all the same to them.


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