We Know Not What We Do, I Hope

6 thoughts on “We Know Not What We Do, I Hope”

  1. Amen! You pulled the words out of the tip of my brain. I’ve been wrestling with this idea myself, of trying to understand and at the same time trying to protect myself against people who just wanna squawk their opinion without wanting to understand mine. I’d rather NOT talk if that’s the case, but listen and absorb. I talk too much about the mundane anyway and would much rather listen, because I rarely get the news anymore–only one TV and it’s constantly tuned into FUX news at full-volume. I have to go online and look all over the place. Some things are horrifying, some are just saddening, and others are important and should be disseminated. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    And I think there’s something to what Bill Maher said back in January in one of his monologues/New Rules: Stop Apologizing!. I consider myself liberal-leaning, but he hit it on the head when he said what makes liberals so weak is they apologize for every little slight (even if its not real and only perceived). I’ve yet to hear a conservative apologize for their viewpoints, but liberals cave…we need to knock that crap off because it’s not helping anybody.

    You’re right, you don’t have to be sorry–enough’s enough. Good for you in saying it, because I’m tired to the more derogatory elements controlling the convo because no one will actively debate ’em (civilly) and stick to it. And no more “false equivalency” crap–that doesn’t help either.

    Hugs, and glad I read this today.


    1. Agreed! I have to admit; I don’t always agree with Bill Maher, although I do watch him religiously every weekend. I agree we should stop apologizing. Liberals do it so much that it hardly means anything anymore. We should save our remorse for when we’ve truly made a mistake and when we truly mean we are sorry. I’m working on recognizing when I am only sorry because someone got upset, but I haven’t actually done or felt anything wrong. I’m on a mission to shout my feelings to the world and to call out ignorance and lies when I hear them and I’m not sorry because it is the right thing to do! Thanks for reading *hugs* :)

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      1. Nice to meet someone on the same boat. I’m accidentally apologetic all the time and then wonder why later. I’m always curbing my opinions for the sake of peace…but you can only do that so long before you have no self to speak of. Working on that. Best of luck to ye!


  2. I see four basic groups of people you are against. Yes, categorizing people is never good, but… There are the ultra-rich who are in power. There isn’t much you can understand (the more power you have, the more you want) and there is little you can do, though hopefully working with others we can limit their power. The second group is just as bad. This is the extremists. I’m hope you will not understand them ;) And I am sure you won’t change them. But then there are the misled, the afraid, the people who voted in the current administration. You can try to understand them. You might hit brick walls, but for the most part, they are just “normal people”. Some of them are having “buyers remorse” over the election, but not enough yet Once enough understand and get angry about what is happening, because some of it will happen to them too… And then there are the indifferent. These people didn’t bother to vote or went one way or another, but don’t care or feel that nothing they do or say make a difference. We need to wake them up, because they will be hurt in the long run. Remember, the first two groups, the ultra-rich and the true extremists, are relatively small. Politicians live and die by public opinion. If enough people are scared and angry enough about what is happening, many will listen. Those at the top might not care, but if an administration has congress and the senate against them, they will be stuck, and if they are impeached…

    Anyway, my two cents on if you should blindly reject or try to understand… It depends on who “they” are.


    1. The ultra rich and the extremists are a minority, but they hold so much power and talk over everyone so much it makes it hard to remember how little they really are. I hope the buyer’s remorse grows but also, I don;t want people to get hurt. I think we are already on a course, though, one where the selfish and the mean are winning, I just hope it won’t all be for nothing. I hope people wake up.

      The indifferent I have written about before. They are a big part of the problem. They are great and powerful sleeping giant that could have stopped all of this. I hope the wake up too. I hope we feel their power in the next election.

      You are right, though. My willingness to listen and understand can exist on a spectrum too. I can choose to be open to those who are open to me too. Respect those who are capable of compassion and change if given the information they lack and a perspective they’ve never encountered. Thank you for the clarity.

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