Remember What the Work is For

3 thoughts on “Remember What the Work is For”

  1. I cannot express how much I ‘feel’ you on this post. It can be so difficult trying to figure out how to impact and influence this world without being tainted by its negativity and crushed by its insistence that we conform to its self glorification. I too, often times get caught up in the likes, re-posts, and stress trying to get my work out there. But God has given us gifts, not to waste, and we have to trust that even when it doesn’t feel like it, God is working in our lives, through our gifts. As long as I have been approved by God, I make the daily decision not to answer to this world, but to the call of God in my life. But I’m totally with you, we have to take the time (even if we don’t have it) to enjoy life and enjoy the things that bring us joy and be okay with impacting others, whatever the number may be. I think it’s about enjoying the means (or journey) instead of chasing it. The end is inevitable, so there’s no rush. Thank you for this post, it’s totally relatable, and it’s always nice knowing that you’re not the only one.

    :) Celestial


  2. Or maybe Monday can be that day when you can jump of the bed with excitement of doing your thing? I would like to redefine that too :)
    Is it ironic that we live in societies that don’t that much of sweating for surviving like other countries – and still we can keep ourselves more busy than ever? And busy for what? For some bright future?
    Thank you for your honest text. It made me think that I got weary of hearing about “hard working for success”. My success is not stressing out doing things I don’t enjoy so one day I can lean back and relax. I want to relax now, and do the things I love now, and feel myself alive and living – now.
    Let’s be that change!


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