Protect Drunk Girls

6 thoughts on “Protect Drunk Girls”

  1. This is such an important topic! I work for a free parenting magazine, and sometime last year shortly after I was hired, one of the issues contained an article about date rape and one of those take back the night sort of events at the local junior college. Because the magazines get handed out in schools for kids to take home, one (helicopter?) parent called in to complain, saying that her daughter is scared of going to college now. But… we do need to be aware and look out for each other, that’s the point.

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  2. Excellent piece of writing on an extremely important topic. I had one of those drunken nights in college that could have gone very wrong are it bit for the fact that I was in the dorm with friends that took care of me and got me to the student health center when I was too far gone.


  3. Oh, Lisa, this made me cry. Kind of in a good way, and kind of because everything you’ve said is so true and scary and so goddamn meaningful. Thank you, so much.


  4. This is a very important topic, and this needs to be spread and I’m so glad that you’ve written about this, as people of my age definitely need to hear this- I know I needed to. Thank you.


  5. Really great post and well written. This is such an important issue – women should be able to let loose and have fun without feeling threatened. Men have that right but for some reason this is yet another area where there’s a discrepancy between the rights of men and women. And like you say, we should protect our friends when they go too far, not abandon them. Thank you so much for writing about this.


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