Douglas Adams on Where Ideas Come From

7 thoughts on “Douglas Adams on Where Ideas Come From”

  1. You are a good writer. Say that out loud because it’s true. I enjoy your posts – your openness and humility. Persevere, learn from others, but be You! You are the magic😊


  2. I’m having issues with coming up with ideas, too. One thing that helps me is free writing in my journal. Lately, I write about what’s going on in my daily life. Not fret about my writing journey so much.

    I like the quote by Adams. It makes a lot of sense. Sometimes, we have to work through the frustrations, even if that means beating our heads against something. At some point, ideas will start flowing. And like you said, sometimes you have to write about nothing until you get an idea that’s tangible. Even in the mundane, there’s something worth writing about.

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  3. When totally out of ideas, one thing that could help is to engage in a bit of rummaging through the basket of old ideas. Polishing the silver… For example, re-read some old essays and start to collect favorite selections for a book of essays. You’ve been posting on this blog (apparently) since March 22, 2014… Quite a lot of good words there to sift through.


  4. You had me at “Douglas Adams”. And you KNOW I think you are a good writer – especially your fiction (from 2016 AtoZ). If making it public is the scary thing, what about just writing all the “stupid and pointless” stuff in a notebook until it becomes something you want genuine feedback on, and then finding the place for a selected group of “public” to read it? Just a thought. Bang away!


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