May Your Terror Make You Brave

4 thoughts on “May Your Terror Make You Brave”

  1. I am so scared of the world that I have become more and more of a hermit. While I need to do what I need to do to look after my own mental health, I miss the days when I just went out for the fun of it and didn’t think about all the bad things that might happen.

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    1. I miss those days too. It feels like so long since the world felt safe and I’m not sure if it’s me getting older and more aware or if things really have changed. Probably a bit of both. I still try to go out but not as much as I used to. Not to crowded public events anyway. More and more I prefer to just hang out with a few friends in someone’s private home rather than head downtown until 2 AM the way I used to. I hope you are well and thanks for reading as always *hugs*

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  2. starting to think we’re sisters from another mister. Yikes–there’s a reason I call myself a “recovering recluse” and that’s because of a lot of what you say here. I wanted to keep myself safe, but nothing was getting done (and even in my shell the bad stuff would find me, so I might as well go out and meet it). I don’t want to crawl back into it and give up…though the world’s not making it easier to participate with civility. Or so it seems–maybe we just haven’t found the way yet. I think we will, it’s darkest before the dawn and all.


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