May 2017 // The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is Here

6 thoughts on “May 2017 // The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is Here”

    1. OMG Just a few more weeks until Game of Thrones! Sadly, since I wrote this it was announced that Sense8 would not get another season, BUT I still think you should watch it and then join the movement to #SaveSense8. :)


  1. I never got into House of Cards. My husband watches it, and somehow, Kevin Spacey’s fake southern accent bugs me enough to make me leave the room. It’s such an over-pronounced drawl! (I’m thinking of the right show, right?)
    I’ve always said that as long as the seasons come in the right order, I don’t have a favorite, but now that I live in Beijing, where I walk or take public transportation everywhere… GIVE ME WINTER! The cold is rough, but you can always add a layer. If I’m sweating – which I am – there is only so much I can remove!


    1. Yes that is the right show lol Spacey’s accent is a bit over exaggerated, but it doesn’t bother me so much. I have to disagree with you 100% on winter vs. summer. I find the cold exhausting! When you work a job where you are on the road and out in the elements, there never seems to be enough layers to add. Once that cold reaches your bones, it takes hours to feel warm again. I do hate to sweat though. I am learning to appreciate spring and fall as I get older but sadly in Colorado we seem to be all winter or summer with very little in between. Also, living in Beijing sounds AMAZING. I need to head over to your blog and do some catching up! *hugs*


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