The Week’s End // A Roundup of Inspiring Reads

Hello and happy weekend friends! How are you? What are you up to? Anything fun planned? If not, or if you happen to have some down time and are looking for some interesting and inspiring reads to check out I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorites from across the web:

“Wall Fire” in Oroville, California // Atlantic Photos of the Week

12 truths

Have a mental crisis plan in place

Brown girls tell their own stories.

Brown girls retell stories.

A matter of mattering

…or we can punch cops.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

The future of football is…something.

Egg cups are a thing

Winter is here!

Watch Okja. Listen to SZA. Read Stories of Your Life. Follow @Aloebud.

Return to the Upside Down

Have you read, watched, or written an interesting or inspiring thing this week? Has something on the internet made you feel strongly, think deeply, or see the world in a new light? If so, drop a link in the comments, we’d love to check it out!


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Featured image via Unsplash


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