If We Were Having Coffee // Better After a While than Never Again

5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Better After a While than Never Again”

  1. 1.) Do not stop writing, you are a gorgeous writer 2.) If we were having coffee I would be totally tuned out, whispering into my cup “I just can’t quit you” then would have a panic attack because caffeine and anxiety is a real bitch for me 3.) Don’t beat yourself up about the driving thing! There are going to be self driving taxi services taking over the world at any minute because 4.) Millenialls hate to drive, because we are smart.


  2. You’re not a coward. Tell your anxiety you’re taking her with you on a drive. She was going to come along anyway. You might as well invite her. … Good luck.

    And keep writing.


  3. The fact that you are trying again with the driving shows how brave you are. You can do it! Good luck. And definitely keep writing. We all go through times where we feel less than and question ourselves. Keep writing. And I hope things calm down with your girlfriend’s work situation. How awful for her.


  4. I feel you on the driving anxiety. My parents rushed me through getting my learners permit when I was fifteen and my license at sixteen, and I was a nervous driver to start with but it’s gotten worse lately. It helps me to listen to audiobooks while I drive, or turn up the radio and sing along loudly and badly. And taking the scenic routes because (a) less traffic and (b) prettier views. I don’t know if any of that will help you, but I’m cheering for ya.


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