If We Were Having Coffee // Life is Stressful, Life is Good

2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Life is Stressful, Life is Good”

  1. Having coffee, too. Checking the weather constantly and quietly freaking out about whether or not I’ll have a job to pay my bills in the foreseeable future thanks to Harvey. Then I have to calm down and think of something else. So I’ve been watching “Down Periscope” and needlepointing coasters I started working on a few months ago when I was tetchy and needed something to do with my hands (and reading hurt my eyes). Yeah, I keep this up I’ll be finished with this set in record time…though most of me is screaming that I should be writing since the universe decided to cut the phone lines and give me time…but I’m too crazy right now. Maybe I can wear myself down enough to get restful sleep and start fresh tomorrow.

    Hugs and thanks for the coffee, and hope your family’s good in Houston. I’ve been on and off Facebook all day checking on people. No wonder I’m tired…that’s the most social interaction I’ve had in a while! But more than that, just new reasons to worry on the news…and Dump wants to show up now (grr!)


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