If We Were Having Coffee // So The World Ends Every Week Now

4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // So The World Ends Every Week Now”

  1. Yes to your title!! So much is happening all at once. If the natural disasters don’t get us, the lack of affordable or even health care and I others who like playing with our lives will. For now like you Im trying to find positives, working on new projects and research and I helped someone meet a potential org/business partner. Sending positive vibes🎉❤❤


  2. Love that image “things are what you make of them.” My best way of coping with this horrible awful world is to be as good as I can to my little corner of it, and to be respectful of all within my circle of influence. I can do little else, and like you, if I dwell on the horrible awfulness, it is too easy to just shut down. And that helps no one.


  3. I know how you feel about the news! Mostly I prefer having it off, but some of the wildfires in Northern California are in the county where we live. We were out of town when it started to thankfully the cats were already well out of the area with out parents, but now we can’t go back up for a while… The evacuation area for the Tubbs fire starts about a fifteen minute drive from our house, on a road I drive on basically every day, and the winds are picking up again tonight… Our landlord is still there and he says everything is fine in our neighborhood, except for the heavy smoke, but we keep the news on for updates. All the coverage is just like, watching the apocalypse.

    At least now they’re saying that it’s 10% contained. For a long time there was just no containment because all efforts were being directed towards saving lives instead.


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