Currently // November 2017: Preparing for New Beginnings

3 thoughts on “Currently // November 2017: Preparing for New Beginnings”

  1. Congratulations on 2 smokeless years! I recently read Good Omens for the first time, which is strange since I like anything by Neil Gaiman. And what, it was a comedy and not a serious religious tome? OK, I thought it was hilarious… Yeah, sometimes I feel very embarrassed to be a straight white guy. The good news is that since you are hearing about more and more white guys being called out on this crap doesn’t mean more are doing it, it means the world isn’t putting up with it as much. Have a great December!


  2. It seems that though those days were shorter and colder, they were filled with a lot of life, in your case. Isn’t it ironic how sometimes the times with the least events provide us with the most meaningful life. Sometimes not, but sometimes yes :)
    I don’t usually like November but this one was nice, and it had more light than usually, less rain, and generally very sweet. No fuss about holidays helps. And also working part-time too :) I used to be a primary school teacher two years ago, and I remember how much stress there is in the end of the year, and how much everyone is tired. I am glad, I pass on it this year.
    I loved your ideas of writing. I agree 100% on that. All that fast-paced content creating – I just don’t value the things done in such a rush so much. I am all for paper and a pen, and months.
    I hope, December wil be kind to us all :)


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