At Least the Thorns Grow Roses

4 thoughts on “At Least the Thorns Grow Roses”

  1. Nicely written. Sometimes we do need to see the beauty around us, to stop and smell the roses. Have you seen the movie Pleasantville? For some reason I thought of a line from it, I don’t remember word for word, but to paraphrase, “People who can see colors like these (pointing to a photo of a famous painting) don’t know how lucky they are.” Often we don’t realize how lucky we are.

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  2. Life IS hard … but there is beauty in human courage and resilience; just to keep going in the face of great difficulty. “No rose without a thorn” as the saying goes. You’re right to suggest that we’re helped by looking at the beauty around us every day – the colours, the fragrances, the small kindnesses of ordinary people. Good post. Thank you.


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